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       from a dream to reality...       


Hi, my name is Dee! I started my exploration with herbs and all things natural 5 years ago. This was also the time I became a mother. Yes, to actual humans. LOL. I entered 2015 pregnant with one child (due for delivery soon) and ended 2015 pregnant with my second child. Yes, I have heard the jokes....they never stop! LOL

Anyway, upon delivering my oldest I soon realized that there are far too many unknowns with over the counter remedies and treatments for small things. Like, how can I really be sure its all natural? Why are there so many big words in this ingredient list if it is natural? Is this really benefiting him and his bodily needs? As a nurse of over 10 years I rely heavily on my knowledge base of the human body. One thing is for certain!!! THE BODY HAS THE BEST ECOSYSTEM EVER!! The body is complex and it has the ability to heal itself when all is balanced. So how do we achieve that balance?? Needless to say, my search for natural, clean remedies took off. My Children mostly use homeopathic remedies for things like teething and coughing and colds. As they grow I notice that their colds are cut short once I start the remedy.

Two years ago I started gardening. With the research behind gardening I discovered a world I never really took time to think about.....THE WORLD OF HERBS!!!! 

I was blown away, to say the least! The more I researched the more I wanted to know and learn. At the start of 2020 I kept hearing one word over and over in my head.....FRESH. Thought it was strange at first but then as the year progressed and, well, the world went into lock down I started to heavily research herbs and their ability to help the bodies natural healing properties. Long and behold I stumbled...well, more so was led, to Genesis 1:11 and it all clicked!! If God made seed bearing plants and called them good then why are they not good for helping. That led to this...FRESH HERBS, LLC!!! Your one stop shop for tea that will help and aide you with small things that are affecting your daily life. Personally, I have tried every tea blend and will continue to discover more! I have been highly impressed with the results of the tea. 

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