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Avena Sativa (Oatstraw)

There are many different things we can say about oats....soothing, fulfilling, comforting, calming. Well, all these apply to making a tea from Oatstraw herb. This herb has a dynamic profile in the herbal community. Known for it's cooling, moistening qualities Oatstraw will help with calming your inner being. According to Braun and Cohen (2015) oats are considered a nervous system nutritive, or nervine tonic, which ultimately helps repair the nervous system.

Some of the other actions of Oatstraw include:

- antidepressant



-vulnerary: can be used topically to heal wounds

So I enjoyed this herb as an overnight infusion. I let it sit for 8-10 hours in the hot water and it pulled the beneficial qualities out of the leaves/stems. The longer you steep it, the more minerals are released. That means NUTRITION baby!!!

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For me this herb provided a nice calming that carried throughout the whole day. I was constantly analyzing MY emotions and making firm decisions to LET STUFF GO!!! Many times we struggle with that one aspect of daily life. This herb helped with that. I was very much aware of when I was getting worked up and would internally figure out "why" and "who" and then would dive right into "how do I eliminate this feeling". All very good questions and all that should be asked regularly.

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Resource: Braun and Cohen (2015).Herbs and Natural Supplements. vol 2, 4th ed

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