Holiday Gift Basket
  • Holiday Gift Basket

    This is for the holidays!! These gift baskets are for the tea lover and spa lover in your life.


    There are many options so please select which basket you would like.


    The main basket is called the Fresh Sip Basket and includes:

    -one of the sampler pack-1 tea

    -mug-infuser spoon


    Next tier is the Sip and Relax Basket includes:

    -tea, choose 3 teas and you receive 5 tea bags of each


    infuser spoon


    Third tier is the Breathe and Sip Basket which includes:

    -one breathe easy tea selection (15 tea bags)


    -infuser spoon

    -eucalyptus tea bath set (5 pack)


    The most lavish gift basket is the Sip and Spa Basket, which includes:

    -tea, choose 3 teas from the shop and you receive 5 tea bags of each


    -infuser spoon

    -your choice of 2 tea bath packs (5 pack)


    All products used are natural with no added chemicals. The tea baths in the Sip and Spa Basket will include either a butter/salt which have added benefits to the skin.