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Orange-Ginger Tea

Orange-Ginger Tea

This tea provides all the "feels" of Fall. Carefully crafted measurements allow for all flavors to be tasted, without one overpowering your taste buds.



-Orange Peel




*if experience any digestive issues PLEASE DISCONTINUE USE and SEEK MEDICAL GUIDANCE.This information is for educational purposes only and DOES NOT REPLACE MEDICAL ATTENTION*

  • Directions

    Steep tea bag in 8-10oz hot water for 10 minutes. Remove tea bag after the 10 minutes (to prevent cinnamon from becoming too strong) and sweeten with natural sweetner of choice.


    15 Tea Bags

    Each tea bag made of natural non-woven fabrics. Can remove tea bag from cup and immediately add to compost bin along with herb leaves/bark/root/flower.

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