Tea Bath

Tea Bath

This is the product of choice if you want a cost effective, beneficial, relaxing spa experience at home. With tea bath bags you will get the aromatherapy from the flowers WITHOUT the issue of having to clean up wet petals from the tub.


MANY OPTIONS AVAILABLE!!! Also options for adding salts and butters. These will come in a package of 5. CAN BE USED A MAXIMUM OF TWO TIMES WITHIN 5 DAYS!!


-Chamomile/Rose Petals





Rose Petals/Chrysanthemum/Lavender

Rose Petals



Additional pricing added for addition of BUTTERS OR SALTS!

  • Directions

    Take 1 Tea Bath and during bath filling place under running water to start the aromatherapy. Once desired fill reached drop the tea bag in the water and enjoy your tea bath experience!!

    Once done with bath, set tea bag in a place where it can dry fully. May use a second time within a 5 day period!! 


    Discard after 5 days due to risk of mold!

  • Body Butter Information

    Unrefined Shea Butter-Fat extracted from nuts of African Shea Tree. High Concentration of Vitamins and Fatty Acids. Great for soothing and smoothing of skin conditions. Safe for all skin types. Moisturizes skin. Anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and antibacterial properties. Promotes Cell regenearation.

    Mango Butter-Emollient. Highly moisturizing. Nourishing. Vitamin C to boost skin/brighten skin. Vitamin A content to aide with youthful appearance of skin. Decrease fine lines. Soothing and healing. Emits a slightly sweet aroma.

    Unrefined Cocoa Butter-Heals chapped skin. Moisturize. Comes from Cacao Bean. Risch in Fatty Acids. High in antioxidents. Anti-inflammatory and anti-fingal properties.

  • Salt information

    Pink Himalayan Sea Salt- Antimicrobial, anti-septic, exfoliator, balance skin pH, relieve aches and pains

    Epsom Salt- Soothe skin, decrease soreness/pain, detox body, decrease inflammation, relieve inflammation with skin conditions, such as eczema/psoriasis.CONSULTA A DOCTOR/DERMATOLOGIST PRIOR TO USE FOR SKIN CONDITIONS. MAY MAKE CONDITION WORSE!

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