So....fall is here! Which means winter is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER.

That means that it is time for us to prepare our systems for the turn in weather. The cold brings on a new set of issues for many. Cold and flu season, annually, hospitalizes thousands of individuals. Many have found recently different ways to keep their system healthy among the rat race we endure these days. In this article I will be diving into some of the options available at Fresh Herbs, LLC.

This is ONLY the start! I am working on tea blends weekly that include an herb that has IMMUNE BOOSTING PROPERTIES. Check below for some already available herbs in the shop!!


Also known as, Marigold. Do not get this confused with Pot Marigolds however!! There is a difference.

This herb carries many properties that holds significant value to our body. Some of the Key Actions of Calendula are:




-Blood Cleanser

-Wound Healer

-Immune boost

This herb acts on the system with the help of other immune boosting herbs. Calendula helps boost the effect of herbs, such as reishi mushrooms. While it is mainly used for skin preparations, it does have benefit for our immune system-as an immune tonic. When it comes to the skin, many just brew some tea and use it to rub onto skin inflammations and other skin issues, such as eczema spots and rough skin patches.

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This is probably one of my favorite immune boosting herbs I know of!! Making Elderberry Syrup has become a favorite activity of mine.

I love knowing that my children are receiving fresh immune fighting formulas. No chemicals/preservatives in this Syrup. Elderberry syrup will continue to be a staple in my home and it should be in yours as well. The recipe I use consists of 5 ingredients, bought fresh each and every time.

Elderberries have high levels of vitamin C and strong antioxidant content. Vitamin C is pertinent to immune system health.

Eldererries Key Actions are: