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Let's Create the Blend

Many wonder how Tea Companies create the blends. Well, there is a sure way to ensure that your created blend is most effective for you!! CONTINUE Reading to find out.

There is a simple method to blend teas and get it right every time. Many sources differ on the amount, or measurement, to use with each product. This is simply due to the fact that tea blends are based off of YOUR OWN INDIVIDUAL preference!!! So, if you like/love the taste of ginger or other more spicy tasting, stand out type of herbs you will probably want that taste noticed in your tea. Your measurement for that ingredient may vary from mine, if I do not prefer a strong, in your face Ginger experience.

The key to tea blends is FIRST, finding out what you want your goal of that tea to be. Is it meant to boost immunity? Restful sleep? Ease tension? Pleasant taste? These are all common "types" you will look for when creating your tea blend.

So first, you find your base ingredient....let's use my Hibiscus Ginger tea for this example. The main goal of my Hibiscus Ginger tea is immune boost. So I made the base of my tea be Echinacea. This herb is magical in providing our bodies White Blood Cells (WBC's) with an added boost in order to keep the foreign germs or bacteria away. So.....great start right!! Yeah, I thought so to. Next, I added another level of immune support on with the Hibiscus flower. This herb is packed full of antioxidants and help our body in that aspect. Third, I tend to add a flavor aspect to each tea because....well, personally, I feel it adds more depth to the tea. In this Hibiscus Ginger tea the final component is....of course, Ginger! Ginger is good for immune support as well. Your stomach will be happy with a little ginger in its life! Let me put it that way! LOL

Overall, in making tea blends you can add as much or as little as you want/desire. The key is to know what works well together. It's kind of like knowing who to sit with who at the holiday get togethers! In this case, knowing what works together for the better of your body.

Check out the new teas that have hit the shop!! Try the Sampler Pack. I have also added a Mix and Match Sampler pack where you can choose up to 5 different shop teas (max of 3 each tea).

As always, keep loving herbs and lets GET BACK TO THE ROOTS!

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